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  • Have thousands promote your business.
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How Does Advertising With GeoCouponAlerts™ Work?

You can easily have thousands of people promoting your business at no cost to you.

What Merchants Do

Getting started with GeoCouponAlerts™ is quick, easy, and profitable.


What GeoCouponAlerts™ Does

GeoCouponAlerts™ drives customers to merchants.

What Customers Do

Customers frequent your business to redeem their coupons.


Coupon Expiration Dates

GeoCouponAlerts™ coupons expire one year after a user activates the app. Merchants decide which coupons to offer through the GeoCouponAlerts™ app and agree to honor all unexpired coupons presented to them.

A merchant may change coupons at any time. However, since the coupons expire one year after a user activates an app, the replaced coupon may remain in circulation for up to 12 months from the date of cancellation.

“It Really Is Free Advertising”

As a restaurant owner, I get approached by all sorts of people wanting me to advertise in their magazines, newspapers, mailers and billboards. I always brace myself for the price. When GeoCouponAlerts told me it didn’t cost me a dime, I couldn’t believe it. This is great” – Michael S.

This is the biggest “no brainer” I have ever come across. You go out and get hundreds of people to promote my business for me. Plus, I look good in the process since I am helping local fundraisers reach their money raising goals. Brilliant!
Carol J.
The GeoCouponAlerts program is perfect for a business like mine. The more ads I have out there, the more customers come. It’s not often that you can find a good place to advertise without any cost.
Jed F.
I typically try to support the local high schools each year. Having had several kids participate in sports and other activities, I know how expensive it can get. The fact that I can now help them without having to come out of pocket is a bonus. What a great idea!
Andrew R.
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