GeoCouponAlerts™ is the Fundraiser Loved by Everyone!

Offer the fundraiser loved by customers, organizations and local merchants!


Customers save money.


Organizations raise money.


Merchants get customers.

Why Choose GeoCouponAlerts™ for Your Next Fundraiser?

With GeoCouponAlerts™ you can raise the funds your organization needs without the hassles associated with most fundraisers.

  • Earn 50% when you sell 500 cards or more.

  • Earn 40% when you sell fewer than 500 cards.

  • No expiration dates to worry about.

  • No deliveries to worry about.

  • Supports the local merchants and community.

  • Geo alerts ensure coupons are redeemed.

How Much Can Your Organization Raise With GeoCouponAlerts™?

You can easily raise thousands of dollars since you earn 50% when you sell 500 cards or more and 40% for anything less.

100 cards sold
250 cards sold
500 cards sold
1,000 cards sold

Getting Started With GeoCouponAlerts™ is Quick and Easy!

Offering the GeoCouponAlerts™ for your next fundraiser could not be any easier.

Enrollment Process

Raising funds with GeoCouponAlerts is simple, easy, fun and profitable.

“It’s About Time Something Better Came Along”

When GeoCouponAlerts was first presented to me, my first thought was….It’s about time something better came along. All of us on the PTA board agreed that this is the only coupon program that we will offer in the future. No more boxes of coupon books to store in the office or my house throughout the year. This is very exciting to be able to offer a phone app to our parents and they get to choose the restaurants they want to visit. What an incredible concept to offer. When I found out that the coupons don’t expire until one year after you sign up I realized that we can run this fundraiser throughout the year. I used to get so mad when I went to dinner and realized that I had left the coupon book at home and now my phone will let me know I have unused coupons every time I visit the restaurant. More coupons used…More money saved!! Wow, I love it and would recommend this to every school or group that is looking for an easy and profitable fundraiser $$$$$.”
– Margaret Petty
Modesto, CA

This is the best fundraising idea ever and it is long overdue. We will never go back to selling old school coupon books or punch cards again! The parents were even excited about this. When was the last time parents were ever excited about a fundraiser? Oh yeah…never!
Ashley S.
The simplicity of the GeoCouponAlerts fundraiser is what I enjoy most. We’ve sold fruit boxes, cookie dough, frozen goodies and candles in the past. Each of those required us to go out and get orders, then wait for product to be delivered and, once it was, rush to deliver it before it went bad. With GeoCouponAlerts, we give them the card and do nothing else. No more deliveries.
Mark J.
The number one thing I look at in evaluating fundraisers is the amount of money our organization can raise. The GeoCouponAlerts fundraiser has great margins that will enable us to reach our fundraising goals for this year.
Brooke C.