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Receive hundreds or thousands of coupons

You will also receive new merchants and coupons throughout the year.

Coupons From a Variety of Merchants

Here are a sample of merchants. Actual merchants will vary based on your area.

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Alerts, Alerts, Alerts

You decide which types of alerts you want to receive and if you want them via text message, email or push notifications.

Geo Alerts

You will receive alerts anytime you are in a location where you have unused coupons.

No More Missed Opportunities

With GeoCouponAlerts you will never forget to redeem a coupon at a merchant…since the app reminds you to use it while you are at the merchant location.

Expiration Alerts

You will receive an alert 30 days before your coupons expire so they will not go unused.

No More Expired Coupons

You know how frustrating it is to find an unused coupon you have forgotten about…only to find out it expired a month ago. With the GeoCouponAlerts “expiration alerts” those frustrations are a thing of the past.

New Merchant Alerts

You will receive an alert any time a new merchant is added in your territory.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

With the GeoCouponAlerts “new merchant alerts” you receive more coupons all year long.

Easy to Setup and Fun to Use

You decide which types of alerts you want to receive and if you want them via text message, email or push notifications.

Setup and Activation Process

Coupon Redemption Process

Requirements, Terms & Conditions

  • Smart phone or tablet with Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 or higher.

  • Push Notifications must be enabled to receive Geo Alerts.

  • Activation code can only be entered on one device.

  • Coupons expire one year after Activation Code is entered.

“WOW – This is awesome.”

I love the convenience of GeoCouponAlerts! As a busy mom to 3 little ones, I always forget my coupons. Having them available in my phone and being “alerted” when I am near a place that I have a coupon for makes it easy for me to use!” – Heather P.

Finally coupons I actually use! I have purchased so many coupon books and discount cards over the years that I never actually ended up using. I could have, but I either left them at home or forgot I had them. Thanks to GeoCouponAlerts, I can finally use my coupons and save money!
Rhonda L., Avada Theme
This is a great concept that is long overdue. Being a programmer, I always thought that having to clip or tear out coupons seemed pretty outdated. Since I always have my phone with me at all times, I love the convenience and the alerts that remind me to use my coupons.
Ron S., Avada Theme
Let me say something. I love this! Every time I clean out my purse and cabinet drawers I end up finding coupons that I was once excited about using–only to discover that they have expired. Frustrating. This app is genius. Thanks so much.
Connie N., Avada Theme